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Add extra value to your maintenance plans by adding new checks and monitors for your client’s sites!

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Broken Image Monitor

Don't let your client's visitors encounter a broken image on their site! Receive a notification when broken images are found.

Screenshot of WP Health showing a table of broken images with what page the broken image is on.
A line graph showing how fast the website took to load each day.

Page Speed Monitoring

Find out if your client's site slows down which can affect their SEO and conversion rate.

Broken Link Monitoring

Don't slow down sites by using a broken link checking plugin. Instead, check all the links of your client's site and be notified as soon as a broken link is found.

A table showing three broken links on three different pages of a website.
Screenshot of WP Health showing 3 red alert boxes with warning concerning site security.

Central Dashboard

Use a simple user-friendly dashboard that allows you to quickly see the status of all your WordPress sites being monitored.

Uptime Monitoring

If your client's site goes down, get notified immediately. Keep track of how often their site goes down.

Blacklist Monitoring

Being blacklisted can affect your client's marketing emails as well as site rankings. SiteAlert will monitor dozens of lists and alert you if a site is listed.


We identify any plugins or themes that your site is using that has known security vulnerabilities

Accessibility Monitor (Beta)

Ensuring your site can be used by everyone is an important part of maintaining your site.

Add Non-WordPress Sites

Have sites that you want monitored that are not using WordPress? Maybe a Squarespace or Shopify site? You can add those to be monitored too!

Slack Notifications

Want to receive a Slack message as soon as your site goes down or another issue is found? You can with our Slack integration!

SMS Notifcations

Want to receive texts as soon as your site goes down or another issue is found? You can with our SMS notifications!

Email Notifications

Want to receive emails as soon as your site goes down or another issue is found? You can with our email notifications! Also, receive email summaries for all of your sites.


1 Site

$ 5 Monthly
  • 1 Site

10 Sites

$ 10 Monthly
  • 10 Sites

25 Sites

$ 20 Monthly
  • 25 Sites

50 Sites

$ 32 Monthly
  • 50 Sites

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If you have a WordPress website, this plugin is a “must have.”
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This is a go-to plugin when taking on a new client. It’s an easy way to assess issues including PHP and MySQLi settings.
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I run a couple of sites with multiple plugins and this one was invaluable in helping me make them play nice together. Thank you 😉

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