Product Update: What’s New in March

As I continue to focus more of my time on WP Health, I have been able to get quite a few changes completed in February. WP Health hit the 5,000 active websites milestone which was a huge moment in the plugin’s journey. Very few plugins get to 5,000 websites so it was great seeing WP Health make it.

Even better was how fast WP Health has made it to 5,000. WP Health started 2018 only being used on almost 2,000 websites. So, the plugin has more than doubled in the last 12 months.

Updates 1.7.5 and 1.7.6

In February, the core WP Health plugin received two minor updates. The first continues my efforts to have the entire plugin ready to be translated. In the near future, I am hoping to begin recruiting translators to translate the plugin into other languages to help users who do not speak English also improve their websites.

Also, 1.7.6 improved compatibility with the new WordPress 5.1 update that was released.

New Design For WP Health Pro’s Dashboard

For people who use the premium version of WP Health, there was an issue with the dashboard. If you only had a site or two, it was easy to quickly scroll through the checks and information. However, as users with more sites joined, it quickly became apparent that the dashboard needed a simpler design.

Screenshot of the WP Health Dashboard showing 4 sites with different indicators of issues found
WP Health Dashboard

With the new design, people can quickly glance at all of their sites to see if there is anything that needs their attention. Then, clicking on a site will open the full information for the site.

Non-WordPress Sites in WP Health Pro

While WP Health is intended to monitor the health and performance of WordPress sites, there are times where you may be using a WordPress site as your main site but then have another site that is not on WordPress. For example, you may have a site on Shopify or a landing page in LeadPages. Ensuring these other sites also are up without broken images and links as well as making sure they are not blacklisted are still important to your business.

So, I have created a new feature that allows you to add non-WordPress sites into your WP Health. To do so, you can click the new “Click here to add a non-WordPress site” link which can be found in the box at the top of the dashboard when logged into WP Health Pro.

Screenshot of an alert box found at the top of the dashboard page. Text begins with "Ready to add a site?" and ends with a link that says "Click here to add a non-WordPress site!".

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