WP Health is Now SiteAlert!

Several years ago, I started working on a side project that would allow everyday people to discover issues or areas of concern within their WordPress site. That project was originally called My WordPress Health Check.

That name was quite lengthy to say (and didn’t even fit in some of the areas of WordPress 😅), so I quickly changed the name to WP Health.

Over the last two years, WP Health has evolved to be more than just a tool for seeing the “health” of a WordPress site and now has features that help improve the discoverability and usability of the site, such as our Moz Domain Authority monitor and the accessibility monitor.

Additionally, WordPress itself has added two new features:

  1. Its new Site Health tool, which overlapped with some of the features within the free version of WP Health, and it was added to the same menu that WP Health was in. This has led to a bit of confusion.
  2. Its Health Check plugin, which allows people to troubleshoot their WordPress by temporarily deactivating all plugins and themes. Since WP Health has a similar name, I’ve had many people during this year come to our site asking for support, thinking we are part of Automattic (the company behind wordpress.com).

After realizing that the product is more than just “health” now and seeing the confusion from the new features in WordPress, I started my search for a new name. Finding an available domain name and social media accounts these days is quite the challenge, so it took a bit of time to find the right name.

But, I finally found one and can now say that WP Health has changed its name!

WP Health will now be SiteAlert.

I am excited to see SiteAlert continue to grow!

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