Alternative To Pingdom

The Simpler Alternative To Pingdom

Looking for an easier to use alternative to Pingdom for monitoring your WordPress site? SiteAlert can help!

Easier to understand page speed monitoring

SiteAlert’s page speed monitor scans your WordPress site and provides recommendations specific to your site.

WordPress-specific checks

SiteAlert is built for WordPress sites so will also check plugins, themes, WordPress, and more for any issues that need your attention.

A line graph showing how fast the website took to load each day.

Broken link and image monitoring

Don’t let site visitors encounter a broken image or link on your site!

Server health

We check your PHP, MySQL, and WordPress installations to ensure you are using supported and secured versions

And much more!

Moz Domain Authority monitoring

SiteAlert will keep track of your site’s Moz Domain Authority (and Alexa Rank too!) so you can always know how your site is performing.

Uptime monitoring

Get notified as soon as your site goes down.

Notifications your way

SiteAlert can you alert you about issues through text message, email, Slack message, and more.

Add Non-WordPress Sites

Have sites that you want monitored that are not using WordPress? Maybe a Squarespace or Shopify site? You can add those to be monitored too!

What our users are saying

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This is an absolute essential plugin. Just open and see a review of your sites health. Everyone needs this plugin!
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This plugin has been very helpful in getting several sites updated and fixed after a hack happened on my server. I like the checks that it does.
Mama Trish
Mama Trish
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I LOVE WPHealth! As a newbie to WordPress, I feel constantly overwhelmed and out of my depth. WPHealth helps me keep up with things that I didn’t even know *existed*, much less that *I* had to do something about. Keep up the good work, Frank!
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This is a nice, elegantly simple way of scanning your site for potential problems. It encouraged me to take care of some old stuff hanging around that I’d just never bothered with, and the links to procedures and hints were much appreciated.

Start monitoring your WordPress sites!

WP Health is now SiteAlert!