WP Health Bot was the name of our bot prior to our name change. The new bot is SiteAlertBot.

What is WP Health?

WP Health is a website monitor than scans websites looking for issues that site admins may need to fix.

What is the WP Health Bot?

The WP Health Bot is what will scan websites when looking for various issues. Normally, WP Health only scans sites entered by customers. However, our broken link and broken image scanners may find a link or image on a customer’s website. When that happens, the bot will load the linked content to ensure that it is still accessible.

How does the WP Health Bot affect my server?

Since the WP Health Bot is loading websites, it does have a small effect during the scan. For most sites, this effect will not be noticeable. To ensure the bot doesn’t cause any major effects, we limit both how fast the crawler goes through pages but also how often it crawls websites.

Right now, the bot scans each customer’s website one time per week.